Equal rights for hosts! We want to see the profile pictures of potential guests!

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Dear Airbnb,
Yesterday I found out by chance of a new change, which I find very bad: the profile pictures of requesting persons, are displayed only after the booking.
I find this very unfavorable, because I would like to see who wants to live in my apartment. Since I am not a hotel, I have a very different attitude to the risk and also to the responsibility that I have to the other residents in a multiple dwelling. After about 8 years experience in the rental and hundreds of guests, I can actually estimate who I want to receive and who not.
When choosing the guests helps me of course, the age and a photo. For example, I can estimate if there could be a loud party in my apartment!
Unfortunately, I have already had a lot of negative experiences and have not received any help from Airbnb. Therefore, information about the guest is absolutely necessary. That's exactly why I didnt choose Booking.com and took Airbnb.
When Airbnb hires new employees, the company does not blind it, does it? You also look at an application folder and invite the candidate to a conversation, or not?
It has nothing to do with discrimination or anything like that, it's about getting an idea, whether it's the job interview at Airbnb or a booking request, so I can decide "if I'm comfortable with it."
Yes, exactly, "if I'm comfortable with it" !!! Do you remember it, that's what Airbnb used to be!
Here I ask that the profile pictures are made visible again.
Many Thanks!
Best regards