An Airbnb Guest Stole $20K worth of property from my home, & Airbnb doesn't want to help

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I was an Airbnb host for 5 years.  I was extremely grateful to Airbnb, because their existence allowed me to survive in New York while working on my social good startup, Seeds.  

I often slept on my couch while renting out my room to Airbnb guests, so that I could get by while working on Seeds full time.

In November of 2016, I was in Miami for work.  I checked my online banking account, and learned that someone named Ashley C. Robles had stolen a check from the filing cabinet in my apartment, made it out to herself in the amount of $2500, and cashed it.  This was all the money I had at that time.

Thankfully, the bank caught the fraud, and quickly refunded the $2500.  Unfortunately, two Macbook computers - one with about $11000 worth of Litecoin and Dogecoin cryptocurrency on it - and a Louis Vuitton bag were also stolen.  All of the contents of the Louis Vuitton bag had been removed and put in another purse, which didn't belong to me and was abandoned in my apartment afterward (the photo above shows this purse, as well as my stolen purse's contents).  In total, what was stolen amounted to all of the valuables I owned, outside of what I had on me.

When I reported this to Airbnb, I was assigned a Customer Service representative named Adrian.  He was unempathetic and unhelpful, so I requested that I be put in touch with a manager several times.  He refused my multiple requests, and then told me Airbnb would not help me. 

Adrian said he was refusing help because Ashley C. Robles was not the name of any paying guests who had reserved my apartment.  But Airbnb's $1 million insurance policy states that they are responsible for guests and for guests' "invitees." 

The only people who had access to my apartment were Airbnb guests - and anyone they invited in, with or without my knowledge or permission.  

In large part as a result of this theft, I hit considerable financial hardship.  I couldn't afford to pay rent, and even to buy food, when things reached their worst.  I've had to rely on help from friends and family to have a secure place to stay while working through this financial difficulty.

I want Airbnb to compensate me for the full value of the items stolen.  

Also, I'd like an apology.  If it weren't for hosts like me, who were reliable for years, Airbnb's business could not exist.  I'm hurt, angry, and deeply disappointed in Airbnb for having treated me this way.