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Brian Boswell Circus (Pty)Ltd: Stop the harsh and violent treatment of animals in the travelling circus.

Recently, evidence have surfaced of trainers using violent methods to train circus animals. According to the elephant trainer, one must use force and inflict pain upon the animals to "make them do what you want them to do". He also explained how he uses objects to penetrate the elephants' skin with the objective being to "stab" them in order to manipulate their behavior. Video footage reveals how a trainer throws an object at the elephants head after the elephant, who seemed thirsty, picked up a hose pipe to drink water.

Watch the video here:

By signing this petition you agree that this must stop and urge the owners and managers to vow not to use these training methods and trainers. You also urge The South African Government to outlaw the use of wild animals in circuses, as is being done in Britain. These animals does not deserve to be treated in this manner.

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