Urge Brian Boquist to accept the invitation to debate Bernadette Hansen (Oregon SD12).

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2020 has been an incredibly challenging and transformative year for Oregon. Not only has our state had to deal with the economic losses and tragic deaths from the coronavirus pandemic, but our state became the center of national attention not once but twice this summer: first, as federal agents escalated tensions with protesters in Portland; and second, as unprecedented wildfires ravaged our forests and colored our skies.

Brian Boquist has represented Oregon's Senate District 12 since 2008. Although he began his career has an independent bipartisan, over the years his tactics have put him increasingly at odds with his colleagues and constituents. During the 2019 legislative walkout, Boquist made comments that insinuated violence against state law enforcement officers, and in the height of the coronavirus pandemic he was one of only two lawmakers who refused to wear a protective mask on the Senate floor.

Oregon has changed significantly since the last time Mr. Boquist prevailed at the ballot box in 2016. Furthermore, our sitting senator has much to account for when it comes to his actions in recent years. He declined an invitation to participate in the Washington County Public Affairs Forum on September 21st (disclosure: Bernadette enthusiastically accepted this invitation, but had to withdraw last minute due to a family health emergency). There are additional debates and forums scheduled:

Whether these debates or another opportunity scheduled by a similarly neutral organization, it is important for Mr. Boquist to step up to the plate, give a defense of his record, and articulate a vision of how to move Oregon forward. By joining Ms. Hansen on the (online) debate stage, Mr. Boquist can help voters in Oregon Senate District 12 make an informed decision about who to vote for this November.