Decision Maker Response

Erin Houchin’s response

Erin Houchin
State Senator

Feb 8, 2013 — Thank you for contacting my office regarding the situation with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources involving the white-tailed deer in Connersville.
Due to pending court litigation, I, as a State Senator cannot affect the outcome of the trial. I do, however, agree with you that punishing well-meaning citizens doesn’t make sense at all, especially in light of jail time and a heavy fine.
The trial date was set for March, so DNR has until then to act on the case. As of this past Friday, the department has actually stated the case was being dropped. I would urge you to contact the DNR Commissioner and the Governor on this matter. Their information is below.
In light of this, I may suggest a summer study committee for the Indiana General Assembly to look into the issue of rescue permits. The current permitting process is very arduous, and with the deer population rising, such permits may need to be streamlined for well-meaning citizens to rescue injured wildlife.
I appreciate your input, and hope you will contact the DNR (317) 232-4200 and the Governor (317) 232-4567.
Richard Young
State Senator, District 47