Involve other parties in Brexit negotiations.

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The people have voted in a General Election, saying, "We don't want Brexit negotiations conducted by one single party."

The General Election result, delivered just under one year after voting to leave the EU, did not give any one party a majority, nor a mandate to negotiate the terms of Brexit that will affect everyone for generations.

Weak Government needs strengthening

The election was called to strengthen the hand of the British Government at the negotiations. At her speech on 18th April, announcing the General Election, Prime Minister Theresa May said, "The country is coming together, but Westminster is not."

But the British people voted for a hung parliament, and the Government's hand is weaker. The only way to face the other 27 EU leaders with any credibility is to demonstrate that Westminster has united and is fairly representing the will of the British people.

A negotiating team to reflect parliament

We demand that the Brexit Secretary involves other parties in the Brexit negotiations, putting together a cross-party team to reflect the make-up of parliament.

Here are three reasons why:

1) We will all have to live with the outcome of Brexit negotiations for much longer than one parliamentary term.  They shouldn't be conducted along party lines.

2) It will strengthen our hand in the negotiations because our team will reflect of the will of the British people. The current arrangement does not represent the country, and the other leaders will exploit that.

3) It will unite Westminster.  If Westminster was divided before, as Theresa May said, it is even more so now.

In the current stormy political seas, this is your chance to steady the ship, and ensure politicians work for the people, instead of their party.

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