Only the Government can negotiate Brexit.

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A recent petition urging yet again a one-sided opinion of what is the will of the majority concerning the Brexit negotiation, and then providing a misguided road-map of how those talks should proceed.

Well, whichever way you voted, instead of opinions let us examine the facts.

Without doubt the people of this country have had their say; firstly voting to leave the EU in last year's referendum, then again, during the recent election when the overwhelming vote was for the two parties clearly supporting the referendum result for Brexit. It is also very clear that the electorate significantly abandoned the parties opposed to Brexit, with many of their verbally prominent  MP's losing their seats.

Now, if for example the Lib Dems and SNP had done well in the election, they would most certainly be saying it was a vote to overturn or water down Leaving the EU. - That was not the outcome, but be in no doubt they will continue to deceive on the democratic will of the people.

Some suggest there are different kinds of Brexit, but that is deliberately  misleading since we cannot pick and choose the treaty elements we like without remaining part of the EU, which means continuing to be governed by Brussels.

The people of this country do not need or wish to hear endless debate on the decision they have already made. All the projected fears and scaremongering did not prevent the peoples explicit decision, the Country now requires our democratic result be implemented.

Sensibility dictates that there can only be one main negotiator from our side, namely the Brexit Secretary, backed by a competent team representing the government of the day. He and they must ultimately and firmly adhere to the fundamental  principles as set out and democratically agreed (twice) by the people. Those principles being the control, of our borders, our money, our law making and our democratic sovereignty.  

The vast majority of people understand that it would be impossible (unwise even) to know all the details of the Brexit negotiations beforehand, but they have faith it will provide a good outcome for the whole of our country. Moreover, it would now be most helpful if those with doubts could value the significance of democratic behaviour and realise the profound importance of adding their support to those complex negotiations.

Sadly, even now you will notice the undemocratic minorities are making the most noise, in constantly revisiting the same debate, but to go on arguing amongst ourselves only strengthens the EU's hand, perhaps effecting our resolve to obtain the best possible deal.

Please show united support for our negotiating team over the coming months, by signing this petition. 


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