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Revise The Brevard County Dress Code

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My daughter attends Southwest Middle School in Brevard County. On Friday, September 22, 2017, she was dress coded for wearing a shirt that was 2.5 inches in width on her shoulders. I feel this is absolutely ridiculous! We live in Florida and it is hot! This day happens to be the first day of fall and the weather still says it feels like 90 degrees. I felt like there must have been some kind of mistake. The cheerleaders, who were walking by the front office, had shoulder straps that were also exposing their shoulders. I went into the front office to ask why my daughter was dress coded, when the cheerleaders straps were the same? The response that I got was "It's different, the cheerleaders are representing our school so they are aloud to have straps like that."  I'm sorry but how does that make sense? If they are representing the school, then why is the shirt my daughter had on any different? I am starting this petition because I want the dress code to be revised and I think we, the parents, should all be the ones to decide what our children are able to wear. I understand that there are school meetings that the parents can attend to voice their opinion, but for some parents we are unable to do so because of work and other family activities. I think we should have a parent survey sent home with every student so each parent can vote on what we feel is appropriate for OUR children. If we don't speak up then how can we make a change?     

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