Brightline Train Project Flooding

Brightline Train Project Flooding

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Brevard County Commissioners And Public Works

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Started by Granvil Dutlinger

The flooding and safety issues with the Brightline Trian project.

 Brightline is planning to redirect the roadway runoff from state road SR528 and the flood water runoff from the Brightline tracks and Brightline holding ponds into all of the residential Drainage along Palmetto ave in Canaveral Groves.

 The reason they want to do this is that they did not correctly engineer and plan this project for draining of SR528 and Brightline Tracks and Brightline's Holding ponds.

They filled the historically drainage system that worked doing the draining of state road SR528 to build the Brightline tracks.

Now they are looking to Our residential neighborhood to take care of their Runoff and floodwaters.

The residents of Canaveral Groves are already dealing with the massive increase in mosquitos and floodwaters created by Brightline because of the poor planning of this project.

Allowing them to redirect their runoff into our neighborhood will only compound all of these issues for the residential neighborhoods adjacent to this project.

Brightline should not be allowed to use our neighborhood as the drainage system.

They need to go back and plan this better to keep their issues on their side of the fence not make it our problem going forward. 

To handle all of their runoff waters it would change our residential neighborhood swales into full blow canals in the front of all of properties.


592 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!