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move the custody case of my daughter to another county

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This is a very long story. The shortest version possible; 7 months ago I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl... shortly after that her father whom is a psychiatrist convinced police I needed emergancy mental help (baker act) I did not need this, but told police I was suicidal and he was a psychiatrist and they needed to do this. He had me imprisoned for 6 days by pulling his status at the facility. When I was finally released he had filed a temporary order of protection on me and ran away so I could not see my infant daughter. I went 28 days without seeing my infant daughter. We went in front of a judge whom ordered me to a psychiatric eval. I saw Dr Walter afield, he cleared me of all mental illness. At this point in time my ex has verbally stated he was going to take my life on multiple occasions, attacked me at the police station parking lot, hit me with his car, puts bruises and marks on my 7 month old. None of which will the courts or police even question him over. Not to mention multiple false police reports. And the judge won't even bat an eye over it. After my injunction was denied after 4 hours of presenting hard evedance of his violent tendancies, his attorney stated to my attorney about what good friends he is with the judge and this judge already has his mind made up that I will not win this custody hearing. Help me move this trial to a different county so I can get a fair hearing in front of an un bias judge! This man is abusing/neglecting my daughter, he keeps threating my life and no one will help us.

******UPDATED 12-25-12******

*****Here is additional info with the backround of what has been going on even while we were in the relationship*****


My story is very long and complex, i am going to try to make it as short as possible.

     December of 2010 I met an older man whom is a fairly well known child psychiatrist. I moved in with this man after only a short 5 1/2 months (my mistake). once i moved in his mentality changed and to the point that i contemplated leaving him in August. that same week i found out i was pregnant. i was scared to tell him. the night i originally told him he demamded an abortion, i offered to walk out of his life and he'd never have to deal with me and this child ever again.

     He begged me to stay and we would raise this child together in a stable mom and dad loving home. Things went well for several weeks, then he began accusing me of cheating, and this is not his child. i heard this over and over again. then i convinced him of the truth that i had never cheated. thats when he went down the road that i caused the pregnancy on my own, i was trying to trap him for his money. he went as far as accusing me of giving him a faulty condom and/or taking the used condom to inpregnant myself. i heard this the entire 9 months.

      in october of 2011 on an anger rage he broke my puppy's hine leg because of an accident the dog had in the house.

     Everyday this man told me i was fat and discusting, i should just die, no one would miss me anyways and so on.

    December 2011, this same man woke up to my dog tapping his hand. he woke up in an anger rage again and cornered the puppy and began to beat him. He was closed fist pounding on the dog repeatedly. when i realized what was going on (keeping in mind i was 4 months pregnant at the time) i went to defend the dog from him. when i went to grab him he took me and turned his rage on me. he swung at me several times but missed the last swing he hit me in the chest. he then continued by shoving me around telling me i was a whore, i am worth nothing to him and so on. In a self defense move i tried to push him off me instead he took me by the shoulders and threw me into the dresser that the tv was on my stomach hit and thats when i didnt know if he was going to kill me or hurt me farther i grabbed my cell phone and began to dial 911 when he realized i had my phone he grabbed the phone and smashed it stating he would not go to jail on my behalf. i got up to leave to go to the neighbors house to call 911. he would not let me leave, and he physically held me in the home. he promised me that he'd go to counseling. and again i made the mistake of staying with him.

    days after that his family began coming to town to meet me the mother of their newest family member. while there i heard about an ex prior to me who had him arrested on VERY similar story.

     fast forwarding to my daughters birth (may 2012) he was great at the hospital, never leaving my side. but then we got home. again i was usless to him, he would not help with the care of my daughter or chores around the house. so things became heated between us again. EVERYDAY, he offered a new method to me on how i should kill myself, such as jumping off a bridge, overdosing, and the worst one he told me to just blow my brains out.

      maybe postpardum played a role or the fact i was fed up with him i dont know, but the night he told me to blow my brains out was backed with what an awful person i was, i was going to screw up my daughter, and again if i were to kill myself no one would miss me not even my parents. i walked into the bedroom took a loaded gun and laid it on the bed. he followed with my daughter in hand. i asked him at that point. is this really what you want. as the words existed my mouth i wanted to take them back, i knew what i had done was wrong. we talked and went to bed. the next day he acted as if nothing was wrong and we went on with our daily life. even going to dinner in orlando fl.

     this man left for tampa florida for memorial day weekend after another huge fight. i took the time to pack my daughters belongings and left for my mom and dads. with all intentions to perminatly stay there with with them until i could get my feet back on the ground. once again that monday he showed up begging me to please come home again stating he'd go to counseling.

    I went home, 3 weeks later he called police on me after i told him i would not be going to the gun show with my daughter. he grabbed her from me and told me i was not going anywhere with her this time. i was out side smoking a ciggerett when i looked around the boat that was parked in the drive way there were 3 rockledge police officers walking toward me with assult riffles pointed at my cheast (yes they were aiming to kill), i went into shock and dropped my phone and cigg and left my hand in their sight for obvious reasons. i still had no idea what was going on as the officers are throwing me against the car searching me and handcuffing me. they told me to sit and explained they had recieved a phone call stating i had or was trying to gain access to a gun to kill our entire family including my self. i explained the fight and the police at this point took me out of the handcuffs telling me that i was no longer being detained and i was free to go. when he saw what was happening he ran outside yelling "I'm a psychiatrist, she needs to be baker acted" (in florida thats the involintary psychiatric evaluation). he convinced police to take me on the basis he was a psychiatrist.

    he used his status to speak to the doctor who was assinged to my case and had me inprisoned for 6 days before my mom stepped up and told the doctor i was not a danger to myself or others and they need to discontiue treatment on me and release me to her care.

     this man then went and filed for a temporary injunction, it got granted and i was served with the paper work on the following monday of my release. we were scheduled to go to court and his attorney got a continuance granted. overall i did not see my infant daughter for 28 days.

     we went to court and i was ordered to a psychiatric eval. i saw Dr. walter E. Aflield whom fully cleared me of any and all psychiatric illness. we went back to court and his attorneys first words were "my client who is also a psychiatrist does not agree with this report". that was it. the judge again re ordered another psychiatric eval with a psychologist and my ex was told NOT TO SPEAK TO THIS DOCTOR. the report came back and all over it, it states "upon coraspondance with Dr. ******".

     the injunction was dropped but the judge attempted to put in place a parenting plan resulting in me seeing her monday and tuesday from 10-2, wednesday and friday i get her from 10am- 2pm the following day. we have abided by this plan under the presumption that the order was in place.

     since then this man has attacked me, pulling me out of my car threating to take my life with his gun, threating to leave so i would never see my daughter again, and most recently hit my physical person with his car. all senerios have involved the police and my daughter has been a witness to it all.

     i have also been documenting bruises, cuts, scratches, even what appeared to be a burn on her arm, with all this going on i finally went to the court house with this doumentation and filed for an injunction against him to keep him away from my daughter and myself.

    i was granted one on a temporary basis. after 4 hours of hearing time 10 days later, the judge denied the motion for a perminant injunction. i was devistated, scared, and worried for what the future held for my daughter and myself. the judge took it one step forward and told both parties that there is no parenting plan in place.

    I told my attorney that i have the right to protect my daughter and thats when he told me that my ex's attorney just made a statement to him saying "you know i am really good friends with judge ******" (the judge thats over seeing the custody hearing) he continued by saying " this judge has back handed her in this county, your fighting a losing battle".

      now i sit here reaching out for help for my daughter and I. my Daughter who is now  7months old is being used as a weapon against me, she continues to show up at my home dirty, bruised, and a ridiculouse amount of bug bites.

    My daughter is the one suffering and no one seems to take into consideration what shes going through. all i hear is "oh shes to young to realize whats going on" and "she'll never remember this", the comment that just absolutly blew my mind was, " your young you'll have another".

    This is my daughter she has done nothing to disearve any of this. she's even shown signs of infant depression when our fighting gets to it's worst.

    this man has abused his privlages as a doctor, violated his code of ethics, civil violations have been made by not allowing myself or my attorney to defend me in the first round of hearings.

    im at a loss of what today so i have started a petition that has since recieve 116 signatures the last i checked online. I'm begging someone to help my daughter and I get some kind of relief. the worst is knowing that her pediatritan is begging us to get health insurance for her because she may have a heart murmer. (she was insured until he caused the loss of my job and as a result we lost our health insurance)

     please help! my daughter depends on it.

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