Get Tannon and Eli to Platinum Bleach his hair

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Every year for UAH Ultimate we have started a petition for one of our players, JB Boyer, to get a mohawk for the postseason of our ultimate frisbee season. Due to his job deeming mohawks as "unprofessional" and "wild" he is unable to participate. I, Tannon, have long been the biggest advocate for this tradition to continue and am largely responsible for convincing JB to keep doing it. I don't want it to die on my watch and so I thought it was only natural for me to take his place. Alas, due to my job I also cannot have an "unprofessional" and "wild" haircut like a mohawk but this is not the end as platinum bleaching is not restricted. I have never bleached my hair, dyed it or anything but life is about pursuing risks and changing it up from time to time. Besides.... my hair will grow back right?

The real kicker is that we are only asking for 110 signatures for myself but... Eli Jaime(pictured because he is way more photogenic than me) will also do it for 250 (he doesn't think it will happen) and if I buy him lunch. We will be posting pictures if we meet the goal to the UAH Ultimate FB page on Saturday. Please share and sign for everyone! Thanks!

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