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Make Zooper Doopers 50c Again

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To Whom it may concern

The price of Zooper Doopers is currently Un-Australian and I strongly believe it should be rectified.

I feel that myself, along with the rest of the cohort feel there is a great injustice within the college. And that injustice is the blatant price gouging at the canteen. The audacious price hikes are ones which are unnecessary given our school's status and also conflicting with our school's values. Enrolments at the college are at an all time high and one would think that with such a prosperous college we would be able to readjust the price of zooper doopers to 50 cents.

School pride has been discussed readily at assembelies by our captains, but how could anyone take pride in a school which prioritises a capitalist agenda before our education? I know 1600 students who would relish the change back to 50c. The change is only small but in the hearts of the community is a needed one.

If each student was to bring $1 to school. They could buy 2 zooper doopers, and the canteen would make $1600 on zooper doopers alone if the prices changed back. However at 60c the canteen would only make $960. 60c is also an inconvenient number. 50c is rounded, divisible by 2. So $1 could buy you two instead of leaving you bitterly disappointed with one. One coin is all it takes to buy a 50c zooper dooper. 60c will forever leave you with an awkward amount of coins, 40c. Now if that were 50c, well, the answer I feel is clear.

I implore you to sign this petition to rid Brentwood of a great injustice

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