Vote NO to show your OPPOSITION to the Monterey Church SUP in GREENWICH

Vote NO to show your OPPOSITION to the Monterey Church SUP in GREENWICH

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Becci Badillo started this petition to Brentsville District Supervisor Jannine Lawson and

Vote NO to SHOW YOUR OPPOSITION to the Monterey Church SUP in GREENWICH

Monterey Church, a religious institution, has submitted an SUP (SUP 2019-00018) to Prince William County seeking approval to build a large church on 16.57 acres of land that is currently zoned Agricultural/Estate in Greenwich.  The area in question is in the Rural Crescent, and is surrounded by small homes, farms, and woods. The church is seeking to build a 55,000 +/- structure, in two phases, that will seat 900 people, have parking for up to 380 vehicles, and will have a building height of 60 ft.    The location is 9514 Auburn Rd., near the intersection of Vint Hill Rd. in Greenwich.

This will be a mega church with a mega amount of traffic, with the only entrances being on Auburn Rd.  The design and scale of this church is not at all in keeping with the context of the surrounding area in the Rural Crescent, and especially in the village of Greenwich.  Even the Planning Commission for Prince William County has stated the following in its analysis of the project:

Land Use Policy Inconsistency:   Land Use Policy 14 encourages the protection of existing and planned land uses from the encroachment of incompatible land uses.  Staff acknowledges that religious institutions can be deemed compatible in residential and agricultural districts subject to mitigating conditions.  However, Staff further acknowledges throughout the report that the scale and intensity of the subject proposal is inconsistent with the surrounding area.

Community Design Plan Analysis:  Properties in the vicinity of the subject site have unique views and vistas of expansive green pastures and farmland due to the lower topography looking westward.  The action strategies of Community Design Policies 9 and 14 emphasize the importance of preserving unique views and vistas within the Rural Area and throughout the County.  Staff is concerned that two buildings spanning up to 60 feet in height could adversely compromise the views and vistas to and from the surrounding properties.

On Balance, this application is found to be inconsistent with the relevant components of the Community Design Plan

IF this SUP is approved, the construction of this mega church on this country side road and the resulting increase in traffic will negatively impact property values for all of the long-time residents located in the immediate vicinity of this structure; if turn lanes are required to be built from Vint Hill onto Auburn Rd., there will be even more of a negative impact on property values.  

IF this SUP is approved, a large majority of the planned site will be deforested and wildlife will be displaced.  The current design would only retain 28% (4.62 acres) of the total tree cover.

IF this SUP is approved, a mega church would be constructed on land that does not have access to public water and sewer.  It would be on well water and septic. The immediate neighborhood is concerned about ground water usage, and the impact on their own properties.  The applicant for Monterey Church has not yet provided the required report to the County on the aquifer analysis, and the septic and water capacities of the proposed site.   

This large 55,000 sq. ft. structure, to be constructed in 2 phases, with a building height of 60 ft., and seating for 900, does not fit the character and look of the historic rural village of Greenwich.   The applicant, Monterey Church, has not yet purchased the property; it is waiting on approval of the SUP.

THE GOAL OF THIS PETITION:  We want to influence the Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) to vote AGAINST this SUP.  The Public Hearing is scheduled for Wed. June 12th at 7 pm at the Government Center.  

       FOR THIS PETITION:   Please enter your name, address, and date if you are in support of a NO vote on this SUP.  We need lots of community residents and nearby neighbors and family members of the community to support this initiative to influence the BOCS to vote against the SUP from Monterey Church.

       PRIOR to the Public Hearing:  If you are a resident of Prince William County, email or call your local supervisor.  If you live a few hundred feet over the county line and are in Fauquier County, you can still email and call the BOCS.  Residents of Greenwich live both in Fauquier and Prince William. We need all of your support. Fauquier County is aware of this SUP, and it, too, is concerned about the increasing traffic on both of these roads.

      ATTEND the PUBLIC HEARING on Wed. June 12th at 7 pm at the Prince William County Government Center.  It is vitally important that we flood the room with residents who are not in favor of this SUP.  


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!