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I am a British citizen living in the UK for over 23 years. I married in London in 1997 to Mr Femi Oladipo, someone who presented himself to be a law abiding person.

Unknown to me he was a serial bigamist who already had 2 wives and children by him in Agbado -Ekiti Nigeria and  had not finalised a divorce from a third spouse in the UK.. We separated in 2008 when I learnt of his existing marriages and other adulterous relationships. By this time he was working as a Pastor in London for MFM Church.

In 2011 and unbeknown to me, he took another wife by the name of Adebola Adewusi. He was married by a Daniel Olukoya, head of MFM Church in Nigeria, who knew about  Mr Oladipo's other existing and multiple marriages. Adebola Adewusi aka Adebola Oladipo then fraudulently applied for and received a spousal visa to enter the UK where she is living at 4 Rectory Road Sutton Surrey SMI 1QW.

As  a matter of faith and conscience, annulment proceedings were commenced in Brentford County Court in January 2015. Mr Oladdipo became evasive and decree nisi of nullity was granted in January 2017 , 2 years later by Judge Nicholls at a hearing Mr Oladipo did not attend. As he is unwilling to make a financial settlement, he then launched a contest , which led to the decree nisi being set aside in May 2017 as he denied marrying Adebola Adewusi. 

The matter is ongoing at Brentford County Court and a trial is awaited.

Please help as the matter has been investigated by the Law Enforcement Dept of the Home Office  in Beckett House, St Thomas Street,  London Bridge,  and the Police in Acton Police Station, under DC Richard Thomas who both confirm the bigamous marriage between Mr Oladipo and Adebola Adewusi, but have felt unable to release a copy of their marriage certificate as required by the Courts to annul my marriage, for reasons of confidentiality.

Polygamy / Bigamy is not allowed in English or Nigerian Civil Law and is not allowed in the Church. Under these circumstances, a waiver to the Data Protection Act to allow release of the marriage details of Mr Oladipo and Adebola Oladipo ( nee Adewusi) has been requested in May 2017, with no response from Beckett House or the Police.