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Make Brent Clark Watch 'Firefly'

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Brent Clark, esteemed co-host of the podcasts 'Fans Without Borders' and 'DCTV Squadcast' has never seen the seminal Joss Whedon work 'Firefly' and subsequent film 'Serenity'.  

Despite unrelenting persuasion from his podcast peers on The Suicide Squadcast Network and DC on SCREEN (as well as a number of well-intentioned listeners), Brent has still yet to watch saying,

"I have specific reasons for not watching.

But it boils down to, it’s long enough to get attached but short enough it’ll just make me mad when it’s done."

We (humans neither fueled by blind love for Joss Whedon nor sci-fi/western mashups but for well-written, strongly-acted and executed narrative) maintain that 'Firefly' and 'Serenity', despite being truncated, is so magnificent that the worth of watching (most likely even repeatedly) outweighs the obvious negative feelings that occur when there are no more new stories to consume (unless you count the comics).  

We believe it is time for Brent Clark to finally fully understand the in-jokes and references his friends have been making for 15 years.  Likewise, we feel it imperative that his friends finally be able to openly discuss spoilers around the oblivious Clark.  This is only fair.  This is only right.

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