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Volunteers in schools for Extra curricular activities

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Currently there has to be a teacher sponsor for every extra curricular school activitiy. They must travel with the team as well. Often it is hard to find a teacher sponsor so at times tournaments or games  have to be cancelled. We understand that this is a volunteer position for the teachers but in the end it is keeping our children from doing any extra curricular activities. Also we have a high obesity rate in Newfoundland so by having our children participate in these activities would keep our children fit and active. 

We would like to see the government step in and get the school board and education minister involved in this and let's go back to the old ways instead of trying to make more new rules. Let parents or members of our community step up and be the teacher sponsor. Call it a parent sponsor or a community sponsor/representative. As long as they have a back ground check done and are good to the children why not go this route? We just want our children to be able to participate in extra curricular school activities. And by our children participating it keeps them out of any trouble and stop involved in the school and they are often very proud to represent their school. Extra curricular activities brings fun for everyone, great experience, wonderful memories and a chance to meet new friends! Please do not take these extra curricular school activities away from our children or make it harder for them to have any by bringing in new rules. I ask that anyone who is affected or cares about extra curricular school activities to please sign this petition and share it around, We needs to turn the heat up on this topic now before it's to late! 


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