Train Noise and Speed Reduction - New Sarepta, AB

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Residents of New Sarepta, AB are regularly exposed to excessive train noise via whistle and excessive rate of speed.  The purpose of the petition is to bring awareness to Leduc County Council Representatives that residents and concerned citizens support the development and execution of additional safety measures to assist in the reduction of noise and speed from train traffic. If successful the reduction of noise and speed will assist in the residents continued health and reduction of risk in the event of a train derailment.  The noise and speed reduction can be achieved by installation of traffic control alarms and appropriate signage to assist vehicle/foot traffic of the train approaching.  Appropriate signage can assist the train conductor to identify noise and speed requirements as defined and agreed upon by the rail and council. 

The speed the train travels through the hamlet is excessive at times creating noise and danger to residents if a derailment were to occur.  A slower train would restrict or lessen the spread of train cars in the event of a derailment, minimizing a potentially fatal, injurious or property damage situation. In addition the vibration of the train going by causes vibrations in residential homes located near the tracks posing a potential structural issue when exposed over time. 

The average decibel (dba) level of a train whistle is 90-110dba.  At times the whistle blows continuously for 10-30 seconds at any given time of the day.  The sound is deafening and startling when residing within the hamlet.  This can negatively affect residents health when trains operate through the night.  Waking up constantly and consistently day after day can affect your quality of sleep, which has ripple effects with your quality of life. You may not function fully at work or school, it may affect our mood, and cause drowsiness while driving.

Thank you for your time and we hope that you sign our petition in respect to the residents request in support of the reduction of train noise and speed in the hamlet of New Sarepta, AB.