Harlesden community and youth initiative and project

Harlesden community and youth initiative and project

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Renette Cronje started this petition to Brent London Borough Council and
  • Having interacted with the youth in Harlesden and observing the lack of both mind and body enhancing facilities and opportunities, not only for the youth, I have been asked to start this petition  on their behalf, and write to the MP Dawn Butler, after their own numerous failed attempts at reaching somone who would consider the needs and neglect of this ward.

After over a year of research into the possibilities a centre or cluster of the many vacant premises could provide, using a vegan philosophy and permaculture concepts and principles (earth care, people care and fair share as guidelines, it has been identified that:

  • At very least 100 jobs will be created
  • Health and well being will be promoted
  • There will be opportunities for work experience and
  • Training and certificates
  • Creativity will be encouraged
  • A good income will be generated to further fund the project and later other projects
  • The engaging and hands on experiences on offer will enhance andband teach skills, communication and well being.
  • The entire community will benefit
  • Boredom, alcohol and drug use could drastically be reduced 
  • Co-operation and teamwork will greatly be encouraged and will be paramount for the success of this initiative
  • There will be a welcome emphasis on organic ,natural ,low glycemic index and salt food to promote health  and well being, earth care and care for the natural cycle of all living beings.
  • We will work closely with other businesses within our ward 
  • We will work closely with schools taking advice and sharing ideas
  • We will be mindful to share with those in our community who are less fortunate than ourselves
  • Life coaching workshops 
  • Problem solving, taking initiative , planning and decision making skills will be tested and learned 
  • Natural leaders will emerge
  • Resourcefulness will be encouraged along with an appreciation for resources and creative ways of turning waste into resources  

It costs £37  533.00 a year to keep a person in prison for a year, one young boy said" they would not even give us half of that to keep young people out of prison" . Harlesden has had the reputation of being a "ghetto" ,  I have found it to have a thriving community spirit, warm,kind and generous despite lacking support.  I'm told that many teenagers have offended due to lack of stimulus and opportunities. It seems the perfect opportunity to make some positive change , for the good of all NOW.

 Whether we win or lose this petition there will be a lot of fundraising needed to bring the following suggestions to fruition and a lot of creative ideas required, but I am confident that this resiliant community is up to the challenge  .

Beyonce Knowles said :" if everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow"

  • A radio station for interviews , healthy debates, music and promoting workshops and activities 
  • Music studio
  • Newspaper -printing,journalism,braille workshops
  • Film and documentary -subtitles,interpretations,sign language,cameraman workshops
  • Theartre-script writing,acting,prop design,makeup,plays
  • Costume design, making,hire and sale
  • Live action role playing(larping)for people of all ages and all abilities.
  • Fitness equipment inside and outside-training,coaching
  • Weekend fun distance-(get there if you can) walk,run,cycle,wheelchair,pram etc...
  • Live music
  • Hairdresser -skills and workshops
  • Dressmaking-upcycling,repairs and sale
  • Screen printing and t-shirt sales
  • Natural cosmetic,bath and cleaning products and workshops
  • Affordable coin operated laundromat
  • Vegan cafe-emphasis on organic,low glycemic index(this ward has one of the highest cases of diabetes),infant food-breakfast club
  • Coffee,tea,shop-coffee cycle for nearby parks
  • Juice,smoothie and enhanced water bar-b juice bicycle nearby parks
  • Vegan ice cream bar-ice-cream bicycle for local parks
  • Vegan bakery-baking workshops
  • Vegan supermarket
  • Organic fruit and veg mini market
  • Cooking and nutrition workshops-guest chefs
  • Board games room-encouraging strategic choices rather than relying on the outcome of the dice
  • Living plants and flower arranging workshops
  • Games room-table tennis pool,basket ball hoops
  • One on one recruitment agency-cv and interview workshops
  • Training room-CBD and NVQ courses
  • Computer room and training
  • Preloved goods shop
  • Upcycling workshop
  • Arts,crafts street art and gallery
  • Photography -workshop and gallery
  • Educational toy room and soft play area for toddlers
  • Dance studio
  • Natural pharmacy
  • Book store and reading room and library 
  • Music store-dj workshops
  • Bouldering room
  • Clip and climb
  • Foraging,navigation,nature recognition,permaculture workshops
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Dog yoga
  • Cycle repair-cycle club
  • Card and upcycled gift shop
  • Day trips
  • The inclusion of museum exhibitions
  • Historic walks through harlesden

There are 17 162 people in Harlesden and 330 795 in Brent.

We need 10 000 signatures to get a response from the government 

We need 100 000.00 signatures for the petition to be considered for debate.

We need our friends in neighbouring wards to help us get this considered for debate please sign and share and show Harlesden some love so we can start spreading the love.

Thank you

On behalf of: the open space change makers

Signed: Renette Cronje 










0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!