Stop Road Closures in Kensal, Brondesbury & Queen's Park

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Brent Council is proposing multiple road closures in Kensal, Queen's Park and Brondesbury, which will have a severe and detrimental effect on many residents and visitors.

It is intending to implement these measures immediately and under an 'experimental traffic order' meaning it does not have to consult residents. Feedback is therefore hugely important. 

The following roads will be blocked, some in more than one place:

1. Chevening Road;
2. Hanover Road;
3. Kingswood Avenue;
4. Mount Pleasant Road;
5. Tiverton Road;
6. The Avenue.

This will force all traffic onto Chamberlayne Road and Salusbury Road, significantly increasing congestion and pollution. Both these roads already suffer from delays, long tailbacks and significant pollution and both have large primary schools roadside.

Vehicular movement around the entire area is going to become severely restricted adding time to journeys and therefore increasing emissions. 

Other low-traffic schemes around London have been scrapped and rejected by councils as they've caused complete chaos.

We urge Brent Council to STOP Experimental Point Closures TO/30/019/NP and to consult with residents prior to any action being taken.


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