A change to signage for disable facilities and parking

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Over the last few months and really since I myself have needed the use of a blue disability badge I have notice and heard many stories of abuse from the general public to people using these badges who don't quite fit the stereo type. Not everyone is aware that disability doesn't always take the form of someone in a wheel chair, or even using a frame or stick. That doesn't mean that they are any less entitled or of need of this very special badge or use of special facilities. I choose the name smiling through for the campaign, as that commonly says it all about us with invisible disabilities. We often smile through, look "normal" what ever that means and don't appear to be disabled. However that very much is the case. We live in constant chronic pain, and there are endless lists of symptoms, medications and treatments that just don't fit in with "normal" life. Hence the need for a blue badge. These little pieces of hope are rarely given out and only give out in the most extreme of circumstances, and that's after the humiliation of filling out forms with many personal details that even some close family members are unaware off. This little blue badge is given out as a life line, to get us who are mostly house bound out of the house and to have as much of a "normal" life as possible, by being able to visit shopping centres, cinemas, restaurants, even simple Dr appointments. By having the extra space to get in and out of the car, less walking distance so that the whole visit doesn't cause unnecessary extra pain. So this is why I'm here. I look "normal" , yet I'm now at the point of being scared to use my little piece of hope due to the amount of filthy looks, tutting, eye rolling and on occasion verbal abuse for using it. Completely undeserved I may add. My case is nothing in comparison to many others who have had serious confrontation in front of there children, others have had abuse leaving the disabled toilet, mothers with disabled children and many more equally horrendous stories. Completely disgusting. My aim is to take this to the press and to the councils, supermarkets etc and try to get signage changed to show that not all disabilities are visible.  Wouldn't it be amazing to see the disabled spaces and facilities signage changed to A for accessible or adapted - for those who have a need for specially adapted equipment or spaces. That in place of the wheelchair sign which can be confusing? Surely if this was changed and some specialist promotion/education run with it, the abuse would cut or a dream I suppose, end? Such a small simple sign and by getting this in the press raises the awareness to all that we are not all abusing the system, we are genuine, and WE NEED this! This is not about sympathy, this is about simple awareness and getting us all out the house and back to some sort of life with out conflict. So are you all on board and who want to help spread the word? I'm hoping I'm not completely crazy doing this. Love and gentle hugs Bev x   visit the cause at https://www.facebook.com/SmilingThough/