PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Hardcore (First Person Only) Mode Added as Priority

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The game should rely on skill as opposed to "defensive cheating" via looking over walls, through windows and in a full 360 degree viewing angle meaning it provides the utmost advantage to defenders who are lucky enough to stay close to the circle; this ability to see around corners completely destroys the game for many players that believe that there should be a risk to "peeking" to spot out your foes.

I feel this would retain many players that are beginning to feel fed up with the current situation. It'll offer a whole new feel to the game and will more than likely bring new players to game as many outright refuse to play a survival game that forces the abuse of third person.

The mod options to turn this mode from TPS to FPS is clearly available as some of the testing private servers have it enabled. So the tools are there, new ladders and queues would need to be produced to enable the choice of queuing for softcore or hardcore.

This petitions is to shove the FP only mode to the top of the pecking order for implementation as this would improve the current game much more than any bug fixes or balance issues that currently reside in the game.


N.b. I used Aculite's video because he shows fantastic use of the TP camera and his content is also really good.

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