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My Father, Eric Taulton, was convicted solely on drug charges in 2003. Since, he has served approximately 17 years of a 21-42 year sentence. While all charges are NONVIOLENT, this unusual punishment is due to him being charge 3 times for the same crime.  The sentence became unjust when instead of the judge allowing the three 7-14 year sentences be served concurrently (at the same time), as he could have by precedented law, the judge made the ultimate decision for the sentences to be served consecutively (one after another) in order to “make an example” out of my father. At the time of the arrest he was found without product or paraphernalia . Being a man of responsibility my father has sat for these 17 years relying heavily on faith and at a time where we are all fighting together against the unjust justice system of American we feel it is time for that faith to be rewarded. This man is loved by anyone who has ever crossed paths with him and has never and will never hurt a fly. Help me expedite this process but adding a signature to this petition to Free Eric Taulton.