Some BCSC Staff received over $620,000 in Retention Bonus - we think this is terrible!

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In early November 2018, it was reported that upwards of 10 staff at the British Columbia Securities Commission received over $620,000 in retention bonus so they would not quite their jobs.  There are approximately 200 staff that work at the BCSC - why did some, and not others recieve this bonus?   One staff member (Chair Brenda Leong) is already in the Top 3 highest paid government workers in the province with an anual income of just less than $500,000.  She recieved over $140,000 in bonus for not quitting. 

We dont think this is right and would like to see one of the following options...

1. Return the money from the source that gave it to you; 

2. Donate the bonus to a charity of their choice;

3. Share the bonus with your fellow staff members - the amount of $620,000 divided by the 200 person work force would equate to approximately $3,100.

We dont think that highly paid government workers should need to be bribed (or paid) to stay at their jobs - this is ridiculous!