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End the 'Barnyard Scrambles'

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Bunnies being dumped out of a trailer, a rabbit being flung through the air and rows of screaming children bearing down on a cluster of bunnies paralyzed with fear!

There are events taking place every year at your local Rodeos called "Rabbit Scrambles". This event is a concern as it is extremely harmful to the rabbits involved, both emotionally and physically as they are thrown off the truck, chased after, stepped on and pulled. It is also sending a terrible message to children about how animals are seen and treated which can later lead to cruelty to humans.

Animal advocates are seeking to put an end to this annual event that they say is cruel and irresponsible.

Rabbits have a very fragile bone structures to make them light and fast, so grabbing them by a leg or throwing them around most surely causes broken bones-that very likely go untreated or broken backs which caused paralysis or death. As prey animals, being chased is one of the worst things you could do to them, so not only did they have to survive being thrown, injured, and now chased down by screaming children, grabbed roughly, accidentally stepped on, they also are literally running for their lives in fear which is basically torture.

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