Keep the Tamborazo Band For BHS 2018 Turnabout

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The Bremen High School Student Council had first come up with the vote to keep the Tamborazo Band for the Turnabout Dance this year. After some students voicing their opinion that the Tamborazo should be taken away... It was decided to remove the Tamborazo. The students of Bremen High School would like the Tamborazo Band to be allowed at the Turnabout Dance. This allows other cultures to be involved in the dance and have more variety.  We are only asking for an hour like it was before, and other variety of music will still be playing through out the night. As a school with such diverse students, we think it is only fair to please everyone by having a little bit of everyone's culture. 

Please help us by signing this petition to let our school and Student Council know that we, the students, would like to have variety and a cultured Turnabout Dance as we are a very diverse school! 

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