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Breitbart News: We the undersigned endorse this statement:

It is with regret we inform you: we are putting you on NOTICE and hereby declare that until the issues in this statement are addressed, we will NOT link Breitbart on Social Media any longer!

On the 3rd January 2018 Michael Wolff exposed the salacious content of his book “Fire and Fury."

This contained detailed statements and claims by Steve Bannon, of Breitbart.
We have seen how the relationship between Bannon and President Trump has declined over the last year, Charlottesville, then Bannon being fired by the President, followed by Bannon endorsing Roy Moore and the President taking a risk on Bannon’s advice instead of Luther Strange.

We all know how that went. And yes, Roy Moore was cruelly served, and the true picture of that election is certainly unclear. However, facts are facts, and the price of being wrong, is no longer being given the lead to act as the Presidents advisor. Bannon has taken his personal failure in bad grace, and not shown the greatness of a man who can learn from his mistakes. He has had his chance.

Steve Bannon believed there was a particular electorate in Alabama, and he was too certain how firmly his preferred views were held. This turned out to be inflated and an excessive radicalism was actually an off-putting factor. We now see articles on Breitbart News proposing to put up candidates to directly take on Republicans, and see no good outcome of such divisive folly. Rather, it seems many desirable seats are being vacated by retiring incumbents and there is plenty of opportunity to back MAGA supporting candidates.

Part of what Bannon has claimed is that Donald Trump Jr committed Treason meeting Russians in Trump Tower. His claims are preposterous, the details of this meeting are already fully public, and there was no transfer of information that took place: other than the Russian lawyer being told “No thanks!”. There was nothing for Donald Jr to take upstairs to his father, there was nothing to be treasonous over, but Bannon’s statement undoubtedly represents betrayal, deliberately trying to harm the President and bring him down in front of his enemies, by manufacturing Fake News ammunition for them to throw at him. And THAT is unforgivable: as well as other things Bannon said about the Trump family and the First Lady in particular.

But perhaps all this has been misrepresented? After all, this Wolff character has a murky reputation? That might be acceptable, if we saw Bannon denounce this quotes as fabrications and deny these accusations. Instead, he claims his motives were harmless and holds up his hands, and now there is talk of tapes.

We want you to know, we greatly appreciate Breitbart, and honour its founder, Andrew Breitbart, who heroically called out the worst characters in American society “Prog-guru John Podesta sex crime coverer-upper” before his tragic death in 2012. Breitbart News has been an ally to truth and patriotism through dark days and been with us as we have achieved victories such as Brexit, and the election of Trump.

But we will NOT support an organisation that is being turned into a vehicle to directly attack the President in the interests of ???

We remind you the Milo Yiannopolous, who after talking about his experience as a VICTIM of child sex abuse in a late night podcast, was then summarily ejected from Breitbart within 24 hours despite having done nothing wrong, to the howls of his jubilant enemies: who had accused HIM of being a paedophile? If you can do that to HIM: there is no excuse to not do what needs to be done with Steve Bannon.


Our STRIKE against linking Breitbart will continue: until such time as Steve Bannon is completely disconnected from your organisation, or in some other way makes a full apology to denounce these claims and stand by the President. We greatly regret this: we suggest you blame Steve Bannon, and sort it. Without delay.

Meanwhile, Obama’s fate is in the hands of Tony Blair, furiously denying Wolff’s claims that it was BLAIR who told Trump that GCHQ British Intelligence had wire-tapped the President on behalf of Obama. We suggest you give THIS your full attention and hit back against the forces of globalism.

So say we all!

Words by John White

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