CANT: Campaign Against the New Town and rural urbanisation

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Mid-Norfolk is a relatively remote and highly rural environment. Into this it is proposed to develop a new settlement up to the size of Thetford connected to very inadequate roads and a heritage railway with a maximum speed of 25 mph. The site covers some 1,300 acres and lies between the villages of Billingford, Bintree and North Elmham.
The environmental impacts to this part of the very important Wensum Valley, and the character change to the rural environment, would be enormous. Villages that have stood for centuries would simply disappear and construction traffic would cross Norfolk for decades. Moreover, there is no need for this housing as the soon-to-be adopted Local Plan for Breckland will meet housing targets up to 2036.
It is vital we protect our quiet spaces as though our lives depend upon them, because they do. So please object to this ill-conceived and poorly thought out, opportunistic plan to create a development where none is needed.