Breastfeeding at public space: Need decides, public spaces with no barrier for breastfeeds

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A young mother was told by a shopping mall at Kolkotta that her baby needs to be breastfed at the home, shopping mall, a public space was not the space for breastfeeding. The press reports note that she was made to search for a place to feed the child floor to floor and even suggested the toilet to feed her baby.

Breastfeeding should have no barriers, public spaces should be seamless when it comes to feeding the child. Mothers should feel comfortable to feed their children as the child's need. People who restrict public spaces for breastfeeding should be punished.

Personal story
I am Anita Rego, a public health specialist who works on child survival and community nutrition. I believe that breastfeeding is the biggest insurance for child survival and that government should break barriers that prevent breastfeeding.