Help reduce the age of breast screening for the women of Ireland

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Please stand beside me and help me make prevention the best cure. My aim is to reduce the age of breast screening from 50 to 30. Breast cancer in particular is the third most common cancer in Ireland. According to The Irish Cancer society approximately 3,168 woman are diagnosed with breast cancer annualy. I am collaberating statistics of how many young woman in Ireland under the age threshold for screening have recieved a diagnosis of breast cancer. Breast cancer appears to be very prevalant in young woman under 50 with devastating consequences for those involved and in some cases fatalitys. It also appears to be in some cases a more agressive type of cancer for woman of these age groups. I urge you to please help me to make a difference if not for us for those that follow behind us in our nieces daughters and sisters. This petition will help to strenghten my case with Minister for Health Mr Simon Harris. For any of you out there that have been affected by breast cancer personally or have watched a family member go through this process you have felt the pain, anguish and powerlessness of breast cancer. Let us stand tall together and help prevent rather than cure. An early diagnosis will lead to early intervention and with great hope the earliest treatment possible making it most effective. This is a subject intensely close to my heart please support me on my quest for age reduction on breast screening in Ireland. 

Thank you so kindly

Regina Fennelly

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