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Break barriers to adolescent girls’ education around the world

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Education has helped all of us to become who we are today. In school we learn how to speak up, how to overcome hardships, and how to pursue our boldest dreams. Receiving an education empowers young people to change the world.

Unfortunately, more than 62 million girls around the globe are currently denied the right to an education and the chance to make their dreams a reality.

When a young girl can’t go to school she is more vulnerable to violence, poverty, and disease. But it doesn’t just hurt girls: it affects their families, their communities – even their countries. Investing in girls’ education is an essential way to invest in a better world. When girls have the chance to learn, they raise healthier families, earn higher salaries and contribute more to their nations’ economies.

Will you take action to help girls around the world to get the education they need?

With millions of girls out of school, it will take millions of us coming together to affect change. We need your support to make sure every girl can pursue her dreams and contribute her successes to her community, her country and our world.

Take action today and stand with Let Girls Learn to support education for 62 million girls around the globe.

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