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Fire the "MEAN TRIO" from #RHOC

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Tamara (Simon) Barney, Shannon Beador, & now most recently Heather Dubrow have isolated and bullied Vicki Gunvalson since last season simply because he had faith in the man she loved. He made a total fool of her & she has apologized. When you love with your entire heart it's very hard to believe some of the things people tell you aren't true. She was a victim of his. She wanted to believe he wasn't lying to her. It took time for him to come to grips with it, as it would for many in the same situation. She has apologized to these women. But it would seem that it's never enough, they keep holding it over her head & even managed to get a charity closed down, calling it a "scam". As if these women don't know that critical illness insurance has been around a long time. She was simply a face for endorsement & nothing more. She was trying to do some good. They made sure she was unable to. Enter Kelly Dodd, who happened to LIKE Vicki despite it all & so they decided to take her down too. After Tamara physically ASSAULTED Kelly, the rest of the trip became a ploy to get Kelly drunk and drop her guard and hopefully get her to do something to trump Tamra's actions the day prior. Heathers behavior on the bus was DESPICABLE. Throwing F Bombs and the word Bitch around, isn't she supposed to be the "classy" one?! WHO is trash Heather, who? 

This franchise needs a reset. Vicki is the original and Brooks should not have the satisfaction of ruining that for her. It would be nice to see Vicki and Kelly's friendship blossom, minus these three witches interference. It seems Meghan is moving, so she's probably not coming back. But now that she is onto these other 3....I'm sure mosst would be fine with her continued presence on the show. 


Fire Tamra, Shannon, & Heather!!!!

give us back an RHOC we can love again! 

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