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BRAVE, not Fearless - Let's change the name of the "Fearless Girl" statue in NYC

Without fear, there can not be courage – Christopher Paolini

Let’s not ask girls (or boys) to be "fearless". That's just unreasonable and will end up hurting them. Let’s encourage them to experience fear and be BRAVE enough to face it. Let’s teach them to embrace fear as a sign of growth and progress. 

Join me in signing this petition to request State Street Global Advisors, McCann NY and Kristen Visbal to change the name of the statue from "Fearless Girl" to "Brave Girl"



This petition will be delivered to:
  • State Street Global Advisors
    Lynn Blake
  • Visbal Sculpture
    Kristen Visbal
  • McCann NY
    Jeremy Miller
  • PR
    McCann NY

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