Security of International Students

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Hi Everyone,
I am studying Occupational health safety and wellness at Conestoga college, Brantford campus. I arrived here in August and staying at Brantford only. There is an incident that happened to me on the evening of 2nd October 2019 at around 8:15 pm. I was proceeding back home ( Chatham Street) from YMCA, 101 Colborne. My dwelling is at 10-15 minutes of walking distance from the college. I was about to reach home when a boy who had worn a ball cap was on a bicycle with his face covered with a mask turned his bicycle towards me. He threw his bike on the road and ran towards me while I was stepping on the walkway. He pulled me with my shoulders and whacked my head on the trail and dragged me towards the road. He was a white guy, might be between 15-25 years of age. When he heard me screaming for help, he abused and ran away. I kept screaming for help running here and there all alone for about 2-3 minutes, and then two ladies turned up and helped me. I thought he took my phone away and when I searched it had dropped on the ground. I called the police, but they did not show up.
I cannot recall if he had any weapon in his hands because it was dark. But I do have minor injuries, my head, neck, and knees, which hurts. One of those ladies agreed to be a witness. We waited for like half an hour for the cops to come, but they did not even bother to call me back and let me know that they were not coming.
There was a possibility that something worst could have also happened, but God saved me. Police followed up at my residence after  exact four hours   may be because   I do not belong here and also not important for them.
We international students are very far away from home. We can only be helped by either local people, college authorities, police, or international students. Going to college downtown is nothing less than a terror that has embedded in the souls of International students. This is not how life  in a developed country like Canada supposed to be.
We need police patrolling on the lanes of downtown because roads are usually empty. We feel like anyone could come and attack us physically, mentally, or sexually. Duty never ends inviting the international students to the country, and it is the responsibility of everyone to take care of how they are surviving. I on behalf of every International student is demanding for Security and  acceptance of society because these incidents tends to happen when some people in the society do not accept you  and no one cares to help you.