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Stop Sexist Dress Code and Policy in the Brandywine School District

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Brandywine High School has banned girls from wearing yoga pants on, because, according to an administrator, boys are making sexual comments about girls' body parts. The dress code is planned to be incorporated in disctrict-wide dress code. 

When speaking to an administrator today, his comment was that as long as the "V in the front and her rear is covered, we're okay". Basically, "boys will be boys".  Personally, I find this sexist and offensive. Since when is poor and disrespectful behavior on a boys' part acceptable because a girl wears yoga pants? That's the nexus of the argument that females ask to be raped by what they wear.  We are missing a great opportunity to teach our children a great lesson- sexual objectification and blaming the victim is wrong.

This isn't going to go away.  As a mother of two daughters and a son, I want them to know respect and that objectification of women is wrong.   Fight along with us to show that sexist behavior and policy along with "blaming the victim" is not acceptable.  Since when is it a girl's fault if a boy displays sexual disrespectful and explicit comments?  If you believe that this sexist mindset and policy should stop, please sign our petition.

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