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Ask Humans of New York to Feature Divorced Dads Fighting for their Children

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Dear Brandon,

Every day, fathers are discriminated against in family courts across the country. Dads often are forced to spend to the point of bankruptcy just to be a true, active, equal part in their children's lives, if they choose not to accept the standard parenting time of 4 days a month. From the beginning of each divorce, fathers often have to defend themselves against false allegations of abuse and mental incapacity just to be given the right to continue parenting their children. They are held to standards that mothers are rarely held to and to which virtually no parent is held to outside of family court.

The current family court system is governed under laws that are antiquated and largely reflect a 1950s and 1960s era when most homes had a stay-at-home mother and a working father. Fathers are often litigated into poverty through legal fees and outdated child support laws which leave them unable to defend themselves. The most startling fact is that millions of children are left without fathers who want to raise their children due to inequality in family court.

The common "deadbeat dad" story is a myth. A full 70% of back child support is owed by fathers who make less than $10,000 a year.  Only 7% of fathers fit into the true deadbeat dad category.  There are many, many more who are fighting to the point of bankruptcy, mental breakdown, and even suicide to remain in their children's lives.  We are seeking to bring awareness to the problems with the family court system.  Our group, and several like us, are seeking change to ensure that the presumption in family court is 50/50 custody.  Many modern studies show that children invariably thrive when both parents are fully integrated into their lives.

We are asking that you tell the stories of fathers that have and are struggling to be dads. The fights they have endured and the battles they have won and lost to remain a parent after divorce.  Please help us raise awareness that many who are categorized as deadbeat dads, are in reality being driven out of their children's lives. Please help us raise awareness that children need their fathers fully and equally.


DadsDefense and the signers of this letter.



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