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Remove Featured Videos from the League of Legends Wikia

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As part of the Wiki Modernization project, Featured Videos in the form of Champion Spotlights have been added to the top of champion pages on the League of Legends Wikia (henceforth refereed to as we/our).

It was pitched to our community as a test feature and the response was almost universally negative, but we've been told it's going to stay.

Ornn, the latest and 138th champion, marked the 123rd champion spotlight.

  • 11% (15) do not have spotlights.
  • 13% (18) are completely inaccurate.
  • Only 47% (65) are up to date.
  • The remaining 24% (40) are only mildly accurate.

These videos are produced by Riot Games and so cannot be maintained or updated by our editors or administration. Editors also have no control over what videos are used, meaning we cannot even substitute highly rated third party spotlights.

Other complaints received by readers:

  • These videos autoplay by default.
  • The videos autoplay on mobiles even when the option is disabled via the user's profile, eating through mobile data. Mobile users are the majority of our readers. 
  • Champion pages already have a large feature at the top of each page.

The previous tactic of referring everyone who posted a complaint to Fandom's Contact Us both didn't seem to be working and meant we couldn't track the number of complaints.

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