Final solution to the LoL noob problem

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League of Legends is a wonderful, diverse game that we all love to play. It's fun, addictive and entertaining, relaxing and at the time competitive. Those qualities are what make League the game we know and love.

However, since the dawn of LoL's existence, its playerbase has been plagued with toxicity and childishness. Some people take pleasure in watching other people lose, and intentionally want to make their team suffer. These people literally break the game. They remove all fun from the game, for either team of the 5v5 MOBA.

Our team, composed of experts of human behavior and psychology, have come to the conclusion that the "anti fun players" need to be dealt with, in order to protect current League players from the long-term consequences caused by said players. After long hours of thinking, analyzing and comprehending the complex mind of the "anti fun players", our specialized team has found a multitude of effective solutions in order to make this game fun for everybody.

They advanced a plan named: "The Final Solution", which will crudely but effectively reduce the amount of LoL feeders by 100%. The plan of action consists as follows:

- Throwing the feeders mother down a well (minimum 10 metres for best effects);

- Ripping the feeder apart, limb from limb, over the course of a few days;

- Raping the feeders girlfriend (if applicable). If not applicable, raping the feeder's grandma instead.

- And, last but not least, permanently banning the accused player. Just to be sure.

Thank you for your consideration. With respectful regards,

The Anti-Feeder Association.

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