Requesting a second section for COSI 12B – Spring 2018 at Brandeis

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We are a group of Brandeis students currently enrolled in COSI 11A and are concerned with the situation we face right now about the next level of COSI class, COSI 12B, that we are going to take next semester. From the Spring 2018 schedule of class posted a few days ago we noticed that there is only one section for the COSI 12B course. We found it really inconvenient and would like to request for a second section for the following reasons:

1.     From the enrollment statistics for this semester (Fall 2017) we can see that there are more than 250 people currently enrolled in COSI 11A and a large proportion of these people would continue to take COSI 12B next semester. So it’s reasonable to estimate that around 200 people will register for the only one section that’s existing as for right now. Considering the content of the course itself, such a large population would only bring problems to the classroom.

2.     Over the past years there has always been two sections of COSI 12B in the spring semester. And the evenly distributed class size as shown in the enrollment statistics for Spring 2017, Spring 2016 and Spring 2015 indicates that there is definitely a need to have two options of sections to choose from for the student body. Right now, many students are already having time conflicts with the only existing section, and many of them have to give up certain other courses in order to take this class. Having two sections of COSI 12B will surely solve the problem of time conflicts and benefit the whole group of potential COSI 12B students.

3.     We have heard that the reason behind this is that the department has decided to have COSI 12B in both fall and spring semester this year, so that students may have much more flexibility in taking this class. We really appreciate how the department has been taking student’s flexibility in consideration when constructing schedules. And thus, we wish the department could reconsider the decision of having only one section in the spring semester, since the current arrangement would probably cause a lot of troubles for a really large student body as for right now.

Therefore, we are putting up this petition to try to request a second section for COSI 12B coming semester, Spring 2018. If you are also having troubles selecting COSI 12B for Spring 2018, please sign this petition and help us make this better for all potential students of COSI 12B at Brandeis!


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