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Change the Braintree High School band's dress code back

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Last year the decision was made to have the males of the Braintree High School band no longer wear their red bow ties and cumberbunds in our concerts. The band was extremely disappointed at this decision, but it was made so the incoming freshman did not have to spend the money on buying them, if they could not afford to.

After the band got together to help think of a way to keep our nice, uniform, classy look that we had come to love, we came up with the idea to have the senior guys donate their old bow ties and cumberbunds at the end of the year so that the freshman who could not afford to buy them, could still have some to wear, allowing us to keep our dress code. This plan worked out very well and every male in the band, regardless of household income, was able to aquire a bow tie and cumberbund for the use of our concerts.

So last year, the dress code for the Braintree High School band was able to remain as follows:

Males: White shirt, black pants, red bow tie, red cumberbund, black shoes

Females: Black shirt, black pants and black shoes or black shirt, black skirt and black shoes or black dress and black shoes

This year, due to the rising amount of concern for being gender neutral, the band is being required to wear all black with no skirts or dresses for girls.

When it was announced this morning to the members of the band, everyone was quite disappointed and confused as to why this change was made, since everyone in the band seemed to love the former dress code. Our opinions on the dress code, as the band, were not addressed or even considered when this decision was made. We feel as though we should have a say in the way the dress code is established, as long as it remains classy and school appropriate. Our dress code last year was not at all offensive and was completely school appropriate. It was classy and became part of our identity as the band. The new dress code would require us to look ridiculous, like we are a funeral procession and not a band, trying to inspire a crowd with our music.

We worked very hard to make it so we could continue using the bow ties and cumberbunds, only to have that taken away from us. We did not even consider girls wearing school appropriate skirts and dresses to be an issue, and it was never considered one before. Suddenly, the dress code we've all come to love, is no longer allowed and we all hope to do something about this, to bring back the dress code we worked hard to keep.

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