Bring Uber to Vancouver, B.C., Canada

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The British Columbia government in concert with the Taxi companies are creating a situation that is imposing on the right of free Enterprise and is essentially creating a monopoly.

I'm sure many people in the Greater Vancouver area will agree that we need more options that are not bias towards the taxi companies, that help create jobs, revenue, and opportunity, for other companies who can help further our city's future and growth while at the same time give the general population alternatives to a safe ride home.

Bottom line, Vancouver B.C. is known for it's innovation and growth opportunity, so why is this "technology" being handcuffed, and why is the government of B.C. allowing this to happen, essentially slowing down progressive growth?

This won't stop at Uber, so sign this petition and let the B.C. Government know we are sick of all the red tape and bureaucracy.


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