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Allow Chris and Bradley to have their own rooms

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Many scientists, teachers, and doctors believe that for a human brain to function well, it needs to work in a neat enviroment.  While one person in the bedroom may be neat, the other may be quite the opposite.  This might result in poor performance of both mental and physical activity to both indivisuals.  Also, the eldest sharing the room would become more independent as an individual if he were on his own.  He would find the importance of neatness, sleep, and family activity.  Also, the younger one in the room has to make peace with his brother waking him up in the middle of the night with alarms, text messages, and snoring... This would not happen if they slept separately.  If the younger brother had his own room, he could use his mind in better functions, make better changes in his room(moving his bed to where the sun does not dye out the blankets.), and just be happier as a person.  The eldest brother also spends close to no time in the room anyways.  Therefore, the only change that would happen from his perspective, is that he would either become neater, or he would just make his messes away from the innocent.  Please sign this petition to make a brighter tomorrow, today!

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