Get bradley county jail proper covid 19 supplies. Masks, cleaning supplies, etc.

My boyfriend is there as well right now in the intake quarantine pod when you first come it's automatic14 day quarantine plus you get tested but everyday they're bringing in new inmates from the streets into the quarantine pod not only are they in quarantine before they are released into general population. They have them right now on 23-hour lockdown only allowingng them out for 2 hours a day and they are unable to receive commissary till after the quarantine 14-day hold and their moved out into general population than they can get what they have ordered. My boyfriend said it's like hell because they keep changing their cellmates up even inside the quarantine pod which keeps exposing them to a new cell mate. Tensions are really getting high in there because not only are they quarantined and not allowed to order anything but they're also holding them in a cell 23 hours a day and they're not even in trouble they're just being in lockdown 23 hours because of the virus in a cell with some people don't have cellmates and some do with no materials to occupy their mind. My boyfriend went in on 16th and scheduled to be released July 2nd for small charge and VOP. We even paid off his probation in full plus his current charge in full that violated him to try to attempt to see if they would release him before the second due to the outbreak of the virus but they are still holding him in jail after he has paid off his probation in full I have a receipt and his current charge that he violated his probation is paid off so when he walks out out he is no longer on probation or have any other charges it's all paid for and they still will not release him. I understand people that do the crime needs to do the time for what they do but the charges that people are getting put into jail right now and risking their lives cuz their quarantine with other people testing positive is just inhumane, everyday I keep wondering if this is going to be a day he test is positive for the virus and for the less than 30 days then it is not worth him going into a jail to be subjected to catching the virus especially once they get him out of quarantine over into general population where the virus is spreading. He is supposed to be transferred into the other pod general population on Monday which leaves him three days left come Thursday he's released and so he has to sit three days over in the side over in a pod that has positive covid-19. This is just not right whether you have a lot of charges or minor charges or a short sentence or a long sentence everyone in their is yes an inmate but they're also human just like the officers and they need to be treated as such as well as the jail needs to provide PPE and sanitation needs to be available as well as mask. So when the number start rising and people start dying then who's there to blame we as family members are speaking up for our loved ones because they have no voice and they need to have a voice because this is only going to get worse if they don't handle it better in the side the jail.


Tiffani Dailey, Cleveland, TN, United States
10 months ago
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