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Stop the Kentucky Land Company from illegal discrimination!

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Nicole and Joe Naugler are a good Christian Family living off-the-grid with their 12 children in a beautiful wooded glade with an Amish crafted home, complete with eco-friendly composting system, a freshwater pond for bathing and drinking, and solar panels for all of their lighting, phone, and internet needs.

They've built a home here after leasing the land from Kentucky Land Company of Irvington.When they got this land, it was a wasteland. There was debris everywhere. The Nauglers have worked tirelessly to turn these old dumping grounds into an idyllic, self-sustaining homestead.  

Because their lifestyle is so different from the rest of their materialistic community-- they homeschool their children, deliver their own babies, grow their own food, and provide their own healthcare-- the Nauglers have been harassed by the police,  their neighbors both at home and work, the police, the county attorney, the health inspector the Mormon Church, Child Protective Services, and also complete strangers on the internet. These strangers have murdered their dogs, forced them to rent and use a port-a-potty instead of the comfortable and eco-friendly composting outdoor facility they'd built, and accused them of numerous other things. 

Now, because of this harassment, the Kentucky Land Company of Irvington is refusing to sell them an additional parcel of land. The Land Company is discriminating against them because the Nauglers have been the victim of the entire communities of Hardin and Breckinridge county. 

Per Nicole's blog, KLC has openly admitted that, "The higher ups in the lending company, the company we have been doing business with for the past 3+ years, had made a decision. Even tho we are in good standing with them, they stated that due to the harassment against us they had decided not to sell to us in another location. They stated that they knew those that have targeted us will follow us where ever we go and they didn’t want to drag it into another community."

Please, please let Kentucky Land Company know that this discrimination against this beautiful, intimate, God-Fearing family will not stand! They can't get away with this! They are deliberately persecuting this family for their good-old-fashioned beliefs in an increasingly liberal, socialist snowflake society!

You can read the entire story of this discriminatory lending process at

Feel free to call KLC at their  office at (866) 865-5263 to let them know this persecution will not stand. 

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