Have our ag teacher become president of the US

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I think it will change our country. When we see him walk down the street in a suit and tie saluting the glorious teacher of farming, and he'll solve famine and other things. He is the best. He is the one, the true leader.  He'll lead this country while teaching you about farming. His back story He comes from a normal town, and then his life went into a slow decline when he got hired at bradford. Now all his students call him big bird. He can deal with the pressure of being called names that he isn't entirely ok with. And he won't post on twitter about how offended he is about this. I doubt (X) he can even use twitter. Hit F for this poor poor man. Hit the dab like Wiz Khalifa. This is so sad can we please have someone named alxea play despacito, share with all  your friends named alexa. HIt or miss he always misses, He's got  boyfriend, I bet he doesnt kiss him. huh? Mr.baumers pizza is the pizza for you and me. F is for farming that he does so well. U is for uranium that he doesn't care. N is for nuclear he won't ever use. He loves spongebob, and he knows the way to sesame street.