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Bradford Against developers

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Stop the planning chaos in Bradford, use the brownfield, fill the empty houses, create jobs 1st, explain how we can cope with the extra people in the schools, roads, clinics, hospitals and on the roads.

Find brownfield sites, give developers tax breaks, be creative on the incentives and turn derelict sites into thriving communities and regenerate the city.

Do not build on countryside until it is actually needed. Its down south that housing is needed as the amount of empty sites in Bradford demonstrate. We need to regenerate the inner cities and then move outwards when and if ever needed.

Reject Planning Application
17/06074/MAF | Residential Development of 116 dwellings | Lockwood Farm 3 Spen View Lane Bradford West Yorkshire BD4 6DQ

1 Houses on the periphery of the scheme overshadow existing houses. Privacy and light affected.

2 Houses with parking for 1.3!! cars and driveways facing Spenview Lane and existing houses will be forced to park on the road creating road blocks, with potential problems for services including emergency services. Either double yellow line the road, (good luck selling these properties,) or turn them round so parking is inside the estate.

3 Drainage has not been planned and will create floods and damage, that the council will have to repair.

4 Coal board has stated that they object and nothing should be built near the pit head.

5 Cycle path, is only for PR, and been advised to be downgraded.

6 Bats and other wildlife in the area will be interfered with.

7 Area is used by the local community, including the disabled hospital, as it is a safe flat area, they can walk on. Enjoying countryside.

8 Extra traffic whilst the project is being built will cause massive disruption on local roads which are not being widened. Buses struggle now getting onto Shetcliff lane. Boy lane into Spenview is a nightmare to exit.

9 Extra traffic after the build will create more potential accidents on roads that are not being altered. Including for the 2 stables built on Mill Carr lane. Horse riders, pedestrians, workers going to the Euroway etc will all be at risk

10 Lights from the junctions will affect peoples lives.

11 Mine shafts, and the like have been  proven to be all over the site, sink holes are likely, who will pay for this?

12 2 developments are planned in Holmewood, this traffic will use the roads around this area to reach the motorway or Euroway estates.

13 The traffic monitoring surveys are out of date, and just rehashed, as is everything else. These need to be updated and include Mill carr hill lane as this is a major (dangerous ) rat run to Bierly, Holmewood, Bradford.

14 Local services like schools, doctors etc are full to capacity this influx of buyers will not be able to be absorbed.

15 If this influx of buyers materialises, nobody will buy after they learn of parking restrictions, sink holes, traffic, pit heads, no cycle paths, poor design. The area will deteriorate into a slum and the council will have to pick up the bill.

Reject this proposal, find brownfield sites, give developers tax breaks, be creative on the incentives and turn derelict sites into thriving communities and regenerate the city.


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