Support the BEN2030Futures Joint Comprehensive Plan

Support the BEN2030Futures Joint Comprehensive Plan

April 8, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by BEN Triboro

Braddock, East Pittsburgh, and North Braddock have released a draft of our BEN2030Futures Joint Comprehensive Plan that focuses on revitalization and reinvestment in the Boroughs, business districts and neighborhoods.

A Comprehensive Plan describes a community vision and the steps to make it a reality. Comprehensive Plans make recommendations that can inform land use regulations and help guide growth and development for up to a 10-year period. The plan addresses the topics of Land Use, Labor and Industry, Transportation, Living Systems, Community Development, Arts and Culture, Housing, Youth and Education.

The BEN Joint Comprehensive Plan is in its final Phase. All three communities have been engaged in a 2-year long process to create a multi-municipal Comprehensive Plan that will guide decision-making for the next 10-years. The public and members of following governing bodies can submit comments for 45-days:

  • Allegheny County
  • Braddock Borough
  • East Pittsburgh Borough
  • North Braddock Borough
  • All other Bordering Municipalities
  • Woodland Hills School District
  • All other bordering School Districts

Following the 45-Day Comment Period each respective Municipal Representative will formally submit the plan to their respective Councils for approval. 

Add your name to show the Council members that we support this Plan! 

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Signatures: 46Next Goal: 50
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