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Braddock Parents and Community Members Against Charter Co-location

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We have learned that LAUSD is considering giving a charter school significant space on the Braddock Drive Elementary & Gifted Magnet campus. As parents and community members who care about quality education for our children, we strongly oppose this proposal.

Our school is a public education success story – a Title I school that is providing high quality education to a student community that is socio-economically, ethnically and culturally diverse. In the last 5 years, we have elevated our API from 783 to 860, achieving an “A” in the growth rate per state standards

1 . Our Gifted Magnet Program has become one of the highest scoring LAUSD programs, with outstanding performance of 87% exceeding Math standards and 92% in English

2 . This school year, a Mandarin Immersion (MI) Program was added, making Braddock one of only two schools on LA’s Westside that offer this unique language learning opportunity for elementary age students.

We love our school and want it to continue to thrive.

The co-location of a charter school will jeopardize the quality of education at our school in the following ways:

1. Braddock already houses and balances the needs of three programs -- the community school, the Gifted Magnet, and the Mandarin Immersion Program. It would be an undue burden to require one campus to accommodate the needs of a fourth program and more importantly take away critical/essential resources from the current student body.

2. The co-location threatens our students’ and families’ access to the computer lab; library; parent center; resource rooms for supports such as counseling, tutoring, and speech therapy; rooms for enrichment programs such as art and theater, and rooms for after school activities. Our understanding is that under California law (Proposition 39), because these rooms do not have a designated teacher and student roster, the charter school can choose to occupy them if they are invited onto our campus. These rooms may not have an assigned teacher, but they are not expendable rooms to give away to outside schools. They are basic components of a quality educational program, and it will be disastrous to remove them. Looking forward to the 2017-2018 and future years, we already have plans to bring in more enrichment programs, which will be impossible if there is no space to implement them.

3. Taking away these resources is even more outrageous given that Braddock is a Title I school. A large majority of our students come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. It is simply wrong to remove these resources from the students who need them most. Some of these resources include tutoring, adult ESL, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, counseling, speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, as well as the enrichment programs already mentioned.

4. Classroom space at Braddock is already fully allocated, when the MI program is taken into account. Indeed, when parents asked to add an MI Transitional Kindergarten program, we were informed that there was insufficient space. As we continue to build the MI program to full capacity, we need the stability of knowing that the classrooms that were promised to sustain the program will actually be available to the program, and not given over to an outside school. To force families to fight a battle for space every year is not acceptable. It will be destabilizing for both the MI Program and for any charter school.

5. Co-location will create additional strain on our neighborhood, including traffic, parking and congestion. Co-location will be devastating to our excellent public school. We have worked well with LAUSD to make Braddock an example of high quality public school education. Our focus remains steadfast on the continual growth and achievement of our three existing programs at Braddock Drive Elementary and Gifted Magnet and therefore we stand firmly united against the proposal for the co-location of a charter school.


The Braddock Drive Elementary School and Gifted Magnet families request:

*LAUSD remove our school as a potential site for co-location. 

*Commitment by LAUSD to ensure sufficient space to enable all ELAC classes needed by the Braddock community, Gifted Magnet Programs at their current size, and MI program operating grades K-5.

*Commitment to preserve Braddock’s existing communal resource spaces (library, theater, computer lab, etc)


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