We Want Our Brad Back

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Rad Brad The Chad (otherwise known as Brad) was a resident of Plano Texas for almost a decade. Here in Plano Brad achieved many things such as building homes for the less fortunate, standing up for human, animal, and woman’s rights, creating jobs, creating a whole new genre of Hip Hop/Rap under the name “Dukey Mane” alongside his friend “Lil Ry Ry”, and he’s done just so much more.  About 1 year ago Rad Brad The Chad was deported to Anna Texas (home of the White folk). There Brad found no friends, was very lonely, depressed, and on the verge of suicide. Prophecies foretold that in time Brad will cure cancer, stop world hunger and overpopulation simultaneously, bring about world peace, stop the evil alien omnilord akdbrnlakdnekqpskebw from taking over Earth, and do so much more, all while living in Plano. So how can Brad achieve all these amazing things while he’s living in Anna? The answer, he can’t. We the people need Brad, without him there will be havoc all across planet earth. Imagine a world where there’s mass genocide everyday, plaques spreading left and right, babies being unborn, and so much more, all because Rad Brad The Chad is living in a city 40 minutes away from where he belongs. This is why we want, no, we need, our Brad back.