Keep Gyms Open in Ada County

Keep Gyms Open in Ada County

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The Mecca Gym started this petition to Governor Brad Little and

This is the state we are in.
On August 4, 2020: Board of Health requested a draft Order to be written for consideration at the August 11th meeting. The items that will be considered are:
1. A face covering order for Valley County
2. Limiting group gatherings in Ada County to a size of less than 25 or 10

We are against the closing of gyms.



The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented struggle for all of the United States and the rest of the world. 

The health of our country as well as our belief systems have been put under the magnifying glass.  Media is unreliable and the news has gone from what once was fairly clear and straightforward to complete division.  American’s do not possess definitive recommendations on matters pertaining to COVID-19 because there has not been adequate time to conduct scientific research to determine the best course of action for our country.

Consequently politicians, federal and state boards have been left up to the decision making on matters pertaining to COVID-19.  These decisions have been loosely guided by what research is available, however as with anything new these decisions have been made with a bias and as a matter of personal opinion.  

The decisions made by our politicians have not only failed to mitigate risk of COVID-19 but they have severely damaged small business in the United States.  Not only has government action severely crippled small businesses such as restaurants, hair salons, and gyms but these government restrictions have infringed upon our constitutional rights as Americans.  

The most recent proposal from Idaho Central District Health is to close down Ada County Gyms.  The most recent statistic obtained from google is 8415 cases of COVID-19 and 72 deaths in the state of Idaho.  That is a 0.0086% mortality rate. Most of these deaths are people with preexisting medical conditions and the elderly.  

While every life matters, it is not the government's responsibility to tell people whether or not they can operate their business during this pandemic.  The government's job is to provide accurate unbiased information to its citizens so that the people can make their own choices.  

The solution to mitigate COVID-19 has been a topic of constant debate from the first case found in the United States, however something that everyone from doctors to scientists to politicians have agreed upon is the best way to fight this virus is to be in optimal health.  COVID-19 is killing very few people that are in good health, especially those who exercise both regularly and rigorously.  The best defense against COVID-19 is a strong, healthy population. 

In order for the population to stay healthy both mentally and physically, most individuals need a gym to supply them with the appropriate equipment, and the proper guidance in order to keep optimal fitness levels.  Exercise is the best medicine to treat obesity, the number one risk factor for COVID-19, as well as numerous other diseases and illnesses. 

Physical health is the number one solution to fighting COVID-19 and gyms are necessary in order for our population to enhance their physical health. Not only do gyms allow people to fight obesity they lead to a stronger immune system and increased ability to fight all illnesses. 

Mental health is one of the biggest problems we face in this country.  Depression is at an all time high, combat veterans with PTSD are increasing in number and the steps taken by the government to mitigate COVID-19 has made these issues exponentially worse.  Gyms are a place where people go to improve their mental health.  The casualties from shutting the gyms down would be arguably worse than the casualties of COVID-19. 

Gyms are not only essential businesses, they are indispensable.  As a cornerstone to our health, fitness and culture gyms are what keeps our population resistant to the effects of COVID-19.  

While businesses such as restaurants are incapable of social distancing, gyms are capable of maintaining 6ft or more of distance between patrons.  The footprint of most gyms is quite large in order to hold the amount of equipment.  As a result there is adequate square footage to allow many people in one facility at a time while exercising at a distance from one another.  

The government mandated closure of select businesses is unconstitutional and illegal.

The closure of select businesses that are able to maintain CDC guidelines and keep others open that are incapable is not only wrong it is unconstitutional and illegal.From a purely medical standpoint, there has yet to be data released or evidence that shows gyms are at fault for the spread of COVID-19.  

We have come to a point where the government imposed solutions to COVID-19 have failed.  This is a time for the people to take personal responsibility for their actions.  If individuals are at high risk they should shelter in place. Everyone else must reduce stress, go to work, go to the gym and work on their health and relationships. 

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At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!