BRAD BELL: Please make Beth Avalon Spencer be alive. Hope&Liam deserve it.FANS deserve it!

BRAD BELL: Please make Beth Avalon Spencer be alive. Hope&Liam deserve it.FANS deserve it!

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Steve Jackson started this petition to brad bell and

i don't make alot of comments, or a petition about a soap online. I feel a strong need to. My sister's and i chose the photo for this petition MR.BELL, in hopes you're are already working on making this incredible soap storyline right, and that will include making it clear, the baby is not dead. This is hurting many who have been viewers of you hit soap a long time, including me, a male fan since my high school days, when my sisters introduce me to Hope and Liam, and as a man i know who is his REAL love and that's the kindness, loyal, beautiful, warm, good as they come, amazing lady, named Hope Logan-Spencer and it always will be,not Steffy.


many fans are awaiting to learn Beth is really alive. You can make that happen.

Not one but three of my sister's have lost a baby. No fault of theirs. The death of a child this home sir, but when we watch BOLD, we try to escape at times from a sad reality. At least, once in a while, for many beside us, sir, in Philly, PA. We are all hoping the baby beth spencer is alive. You can't kill off forever hope and liam, this beautiful meant to be couple child. That has hurt so many, but i keep telling my sis how i believe the baby will be alive, and i trust your incredible writing, that is already in the works for a magical powerful storyline. This child is BROOKE  grand child so please make this right, as she is a legendary character and want to see her have another beautiful grand-child, after lizzie was born,so please make BETH be alive.

I am 1 of those rare male viewers. I began watching in high school late 1990s, and i have never looked back, for which hope and liam, are just magical. Since the days of you hiring the wonderful talent of Kim Matula, the 1st original hope logan, me and my five sister's ages late forties down to late 20s, around my age, mid to late 20s are all fans.

We faithfully watch your soap, Mr.Bell. Some say you will not maybe at any time read this but i am trying anyway, with my sisters and we all again watch BOLD, never missing 1 episode.Mr. Bell, you got a realistic couple like hope and liam.

The two were not developed like "ex" couple steffy character with liam.

You developed sir, a pure, and realistic type of love with these two that was and still remain so sweet on air and so real, many of who i know on social media feel how real, they are almost in every scene with 2 ladies starring as hope spencer.

The actresses are dynamic, and now we want to see this long-loved and potential supercouple have a joyous time with #ElizabethAvalonSpencer, because we all deserve to rejoice at knowing Beth will turn out to be alive, and it will be such a ratings golden-moment in all of soaps history.


A couple, albeit fictional is beloved by so many, even as far as Australia, and Italy, worldwide love for the talented and the very beautiful female actress who is playing Hope Logan-Spencer, if i spell her name right, actress talented Annika Noelle, who took over the role for now while Kim Matula is currently pursuing other acting roles. This woman has made hope spencer her own, and we, the fans worldwide of #HopeandLiamSpencer deserve, after waiting for  so long (over 10 yrs)for their H.E.A.(that stand for their happily ever after) we have waited patiently for their wedding, after the beautiful one in ITALY, Mr.Bell, and now? For the baby who they beautifully named Beth or the name of Elizabeth Avalon Spencer.

Let this beautiful blonde little girl, created through their love be alive so the fans who continue to make  BOLD 1 of the highest ratings soaps over the years, along with character liam and his wife hope, we can all be happy while we await the arrival and now the discovery that #BethAvalonSpencerisAlive in 2019.


We know that you wouldn't let liam and hope, his true love, his wife, his most faithful and most loyal, real true love mrs.hope spence, to suffer more than they both already have in so many ways. The two of them, are more popular for a long time, than his ex, and both look so great together in each scene and the baby we know would be so beautiful and so loved just like your character of both hope's who appeared on your hit soap, and liam and hope deserve a little girl and later maybe in another 2 yrs or less another child. But please Mr.Bell, let #BethAvalonSpencerLive as we, the fans for faithfully 10 yrs or longer of your hit soap, we deserve to see hope as a mother, right now and liam.

What a ratings hefty boost this would be from this winter, all of 2019-2020 if she is alive. Our fan base feel you're already a wise smart soap writer, to be developing this storyline anyway, by having dr.reese, the talent of wayne brady character to yes have the baby, or working with some one where later it will be discovered she is alive.We trust you're already doing this, but we, the fans are still begging you to let her live, and signing this petition, is from all who want the child to have a fair chance at life, with the best parents and most in love couple in bb history, beside ridge and brooke, and that is hope and her husband mr.liam spencer. thanks and we continue to watch, while routing for mr. and mrs. hope and liam spencer and elizabeth avalon to be one happy family this year.Thanks, Mr.Bell and those in charge @ CBS.


Steve, a 15 yr., loyal follower of Mr.Bell soap



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